Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Welcome to Lee Stewart's Poets Corner


This website showcases the wonderful literacy talents of Lee Stewart. He is an up and coming Scottish Poet. He was born in Dunfermline, Fife in Scotland. He is a proud Scotsman and his website is also a celebration of all that is Scottish. Lee Stewart is an admirer of the Great Scottish Poet, Robert Burns and hopes to aspire to his immense talents of one of Scotland's Greatest Poet. He enjoys reading the works of other talented poets as well as writing his own poems.


Lee Stewart writes poems with such sincerity and passion, putting all of his deep feelings onto paper to create his own magic through words. His poems often bring pleasure and contentment to those who have already read his amazing poems and verses. They also uplift the senses, touching the heart, mind and soul. Many of his poems give out wise words of wisdom and advice, should you wish to heed his words as they can often be used in your day-to-day living and everyday life. Others are thought provoking, often making you ask more questions than are actually answered.


His eBooks consist of poems which are for many genres, and for many of our moods, emotions and feelings, be them positive or negative. From love to passion, Heaven and Hell, hurt and suffering, dark and deep, Witches and Fairies, God, Angels and Demons, as well as the Controversial, Universal Spiritual Poems and some Religious Poems.


One this website in the About section are a couple of poems which we hope that you will enjoy, the great examples of the works of Lee Stewart. He is currently working on further eBooks which we are sure that you will also thoroughly enjoy. Often Lee Stewart will come out with such profound words of wisdom unrelated to his poems but nonetheless still close with his creativity of words that comes from his mind.


'' A Frozen pond can still hold life, just as a frozen heart still stores love.''


''Into reality I was awakened, 200 billion stars pass me by.''


''Life is good, so why can't you be ? If you can't get over the past, then how are you meant to enjoy your future?''


''Remember who you are, stand for what you believe in, and keep your dreams alive.''


''Can you see the torches burning bright? Lighting up the way, our freedom starts tonight, our land is ours to stay.''


- phrases and comments made by Lee Stewart.


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