Wednesday, February 21, 2018

 Welcome to Lee Stewart’s Poetry Products Page.

At present Lee Stewart will initially be selling his poems in the format of eBooks, and the very first in his series of poetry eBooks is called The Lonely Thistle. The second is called Spiritually Awakened, and the third A Touch of Nature and the fourth eBooks title is still work in progress.

Here’s hoping that his eBooks will give you hours of pleasure, joy and enlightenment for that is what they are aiming to bring you, and that they touch the deepest and furthest parts of your mind, body and soul. On one final note, “have a great time and happy reading.”

In the future Lee Stewart’s eBooks will also become hardbacks for you to also purchase and enjoy.


The Lonely Thistle is now available on Amazon Kindle at the approximate price of £2.66, 

You can purchase the kindle eBook without even owning an actual Kindle, just download the app for your laptop or computer at

Coming soon the second eBook by Lee Stewart and his continuation of his journey as a talented poet.