Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Here are a couple of Lee Stewart’s poems, which were all originally hand written before they are transferred onto the computer. I am a Book, the title says it all about many of the type of books that people love to read. The poem, I am a Poet, is an insight into the man, Lee Stewart behind the poems, and a taste of how his mind ticks, grows and progresses in relation to his life and poetry.

Lee Stewart's opinion on being a Poet

''Being a Poet I believe is more than just writing poetry, to me it is sort of a way of life, and how you are towards the world and its people.''

I am a book

I am a book you all love to read,

I am a book that’s never complete,

I am a book that’s always open,

I am a book whose words are spoken.

I am a book with stories to tell,

I am a book you all know well,

I am a book that’s never closed,

I am a book you read the most.

I am a book with many pages,

I am a book with many stages,

I am a book where you all live as one,

I am a book that’s barely begun.

I am a book that will bring you joy,

I am a book and not a toy,

I am a book filled with respect,

I am a book you won’t forget.

I am a book you are my chapters,

I am a book of happy ever afters,

I am a book that writes itself,

I am a book that’s not on the shelf.

I am a book with ups and downs,

I am a book with smiles and frowns,

I am a book of good and evil,

I am a book that’s for the people.

Being a Poet


He’s a man of distance depth and time,

Tired of life’s lessons but they say he will be fine,

An empty man, I've ran out of steam,

Destroyed is the plan, and gone is my dream.


A tainted soul and don’t I know it,

But I’m not letting go of being a poet.


The world keeps turning, and business thriving,

So many machines around they’re all driving,

Caring too much about oil, and not of surviving.


And I’m being told to go with the flow,

To a future where, they don’t even, know,

To become an emotionless part of the show.

I’d rather play Russian roulette with death,

See how many times he shoots himself in the head,

Us both laughing cause there is nothing left,

Knowing fine well, we are both already dead.


So I have another drink, but not to be numb,

To sit and think about what I’ve done,

To open my eyes to what is real?

And it helps me work out exactly how I feel.



The above poems are copyrighted


Copyright © 2010 Lee Stewart - All rights reserved worldwide 



Glen Coe 



This stunning photograph is of Glen Coe in the Highlands of Scotland, and was taken by Neil McGrae another talented export from Scotland. Neil seems to have inherited his artistic eye from his father who is also a keen photographer. Neil was born in the village of Kinloss in Moray and enjoys taking landscape shots which is very evident in the above picture. Copyrights of this photograph belongs to Neil McGrae. You can also find his other photographs of equally stunning photographs on flickr.

The above photograph is Copyrighted © 2010 Neil McGrae – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.